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  • Case Study: Wyndham Hotel conquers shade & tree cover problems

Case Study: Wyndham Hotel conquers shade & tree cover problems


Wyndham Hotel in Costa Mesa was faced with areas on the “back” side of their building where they simply had too much shade, both as a result of tree growth and sun patterns.  Guests on the ground floor in this section of the hotel had a private patio with a grass area where they could relax and layout on the chaise lounge.  The challenge, however, was that the area was simply uninviting.  The grass could not grow and the guests were less apt to wander out onto their patio to enjoy some solitude.

Their solution:  an artificial turf installation by NoMow Turf.

NoMow Turf provided the perfect solution to address shade and tree growth issues without compromising comfort and appeal.  The artificial turf lawn installed in each private backyard created a welcoming environment where guests could walk out onto their individual lawns or take a chair and catch up on some reading.  Now, the maintenance crews for Wyndham Hotel do not have to worry about trying to get those lawns to survive in shade or find some other way to beautify the area – the synthetic lawn installation by NoMow Turf does the trick!

Check out several of the finished project photos to see how they did it!


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