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DURAFILL: The Best In Modern Infill

DURAFILL: The Best In Modern Infill

In the beginning of infilled synthetic grass, there was a void, a multitude of space between the fibers where a synthetic soil belonged.

It was decreed that rubber, ground from tires, could serve as the infill material for that turf. And the athletes who played on that first generation of turf saw that it was good until their revelation that the granules bounced around, and under full sun the black rubber absorbed heat of biblical proportions. This begat the introduction of raw silica as infill which led to an epiphany that mere sand was abrasive like sandpaper, compacted hard, limited drainage, and absorbed all that the family dog dropped onto the turf. And it came to pass that to deliver artificial turf from these evils, a different infill was needed.

And so Synthetic Grass Warehouse introduced Durafill: the cool, clean and pet-friendly granules that make even non-believers sing its praise.

Durafill, composed of a green non-absorbent Microban coating and rounded quartz core mined from the Hickory Formation in central Texas, is specially designed for use in artificial turf. It looks and feels natural and is warranted to perform for 16 years.

Compare to rubber

Unlike rubber, Durafill stays comparatively cool in synthetic grass; its heat-reducing properties lower surface temperatures by as much as 25%. Durafills mass stays securely in the turf pile without bounce or static cling, and its properties remain stable in even in the harshest weather conditions so your lawn is always a comfortable and beautiful place to relax or play.

Durafills complimentary green hues provide a more natural appearance in synthetic grass than black rubber no five oclock shadow effects. Its also non-toxic no worries about what those recycled tires picked up on the asphalt of Interstate 40 between Barstow and Amarillo and what got dumped in your backyard.

Compare to sand

Unlike raw silica, Durafill is non-abrasive, so children can play and slide on the surface safely all day. Its manufactured-round profile also makes it easier to install than the pointed edges of common sand.

Durafills quartz core and round shape resist compression so it wont compact like a sandcastle at the beach and harden like cement, or prevent water from passing through the turf system. Theres no airborne silica dust associated with Durafill, and the product is exempt from Californias Proposition 65 product safety standards protecting people and animals.

Incomparable for pets

Durafill offers unsurpassed protection for pet turf applications. Other infill materials can retain moisture and where there is moisture, there is bacteria growth, mold, mildew and odor, even stains. Durafills Microban surround is non-absorbent, and its active microbial agents prevent bacteria from breaking down pet urine into pungent ammonia smells. For more on the pet turf system, click here.

When a dog does his business, Durafill rinses clean and promotes proper drainage and a healthier surface for rest or frolic.

Good for the earth and its inhabitants

Durafill is completely safe around living things and has been thoroughly tested. Its free of toxins and heavy metals, and can be reused and repurposed after the life a turfed lawn so it wont be clogging up a landfill.

For the synthetic grass consumer or landscaping professional seeking a worry-free material with performance characteristics plus absolute safety and demanding guaranteed quality Durafill is a heaven-sent infill.


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